This campaign thematically organizes each week in Black History Month to focus on the following themes: Africana History and Culture; Heroes in Africana history; Creativity & Innovation; and Family & Community.

The objectives this campaign go as followed:

  1. Uses Black History Month as a platform to encourage children to develop a love of reading,

  2. Exposes children to history and achievements of people of African descent,

  3. Encourages children of African descent to see reading as an essential tool for them to develop their dreams, and

  4. Encourages parents, community members and educators to organize story-time events for children in their community.

The tour offers interactive learning experiences that inspires children to develop a love of reading and desire to pursue their dreams. The objectives of this tour are:

  1. Support children in developing the confident that dreams,

  2. Encourage children to imagine ways they can become entrepreneurial.

  3. Inspire children to explore their inner creativity,

  4. Support children in understanding how learning serves as the foundation of their dreams, and

  5. Read books that count towards Carnegie Library of Library's Reading Challenge,

MLK 360: Readathon

The purpose of the MLK 360 Program was to examine the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from multiple vantage points. Viewing MLK from these vantage points created the potential for children to see themselves as change makers in their families, communities, schools, and world. This program took place in libraries across the city of Pittsburgh.

The program exposed children to books that discuss Dr. King’s life as a family member, activist, philosopher, and dreamer. Members of the Pittsburgh community participated in reading books children. The objectives of the program was to:

  1. Expose children to the different experiences that contributed to MLK life,

  2. Assist children in understanding who MLK was a father, uncle, and brother,

  3. Understand MLK’s philosophy of love,

  4. Discuss the underlying themes of MLK’s activism, and

  5. Express an understanding of MLK’s dream

The Diversity and Inclusion FOrum

The Diversity and Inclusion Forum offers interactive learning experiences through thematically organized story-time programs. The themes for the forums focus on cultural inclusion, social-emotional development, and creativity and imagination. The forum provides families with an experience that strengthens their ability to be active citizens in an inclusive world.

The objectives of this program are to:

  1. Organize learning experiences where families can discuss issues relating to diversity and inclusion,

  2. Introduce families to children’s books that reinforces cultural inclusion and diversity,

  3. Expose families to children’s books that promote positive social emotional development,

  4. Expose families to books that encourage children to use their imagination to create and build their dreams, and

  5. Expose parents to books that reinforce the theory and practice of diversity and inclusion,